Duoluo Tianshi

Fallen Angels
Fools walk where angels fear to tread.

Killer has been working for Agent for 155 days now. Business couldn't be better. But Killer begins to question the professional code on which he operates. Agent (a woman) takes care of his bookings, gets rid of the evidence after each 'job', and seems a little too concerned about where he is or where he has been, what he's been up to, and how he lives. But 'business is business' ... and no matter how great a working relationship is, it shouldn’t be confused with love.

Loving a stranger is easier than loving your boss. Killer has to move on. […] [So] he goes off with Punkie, who he has picked up somewhere, on a roller-coster of excess.

Ho works in a fast food joint one day and as a butcher the next. He sells exotic vegetables at the weekend and cuts hair when he finds the time. For Ho, entrepreneurial spirit means taking over the business when the real owners have gone home. […]

Ho's father runs a guesthouse where they both live, and which Agent sometimes treats as her home. Punkie and Killer continue their games in a different hotel. […]

People vanish, but memories remain. Punkie has living proof of this. She firmly believes that Killer and Agent need to overcome their loneliness and arranges a meeting between the two of them: for the first – and perhaps last – time.

Translated from: Katalog des 26. Internationalen Forums des Jungen Films Berlin 1996
by Wong Kar-wai
with Leon Lai Ming, Michele Reis, Takeshi Kaneshiro
Hong Kong 1995 96’ recommendation: 16 years and up