Fresh Bait | Der Lockvogel
In December 1993 three young people, two boys and a girl, committed two cold-blooded murders with the intention of robbing their victims. The names of their two unfortunates were on a list in the girl's possession.

The three of them had planned to open a chain of boutiques together across the United States, "because it's possible to get rich overnight there."

They reckoned they would need ten million Francs to realise their dreams. There was nothing about the youths or their social circumstances to suggest that they might act in this way. So why did they commit such a crime?

After she had signed her police statement, Nathalie asked the inspector when she would be released, because she was planning to celebrate Christmas with her father. She added that it wasn't her who had killed the two men: it was the two boys. She had merely opened the apartment doors for them. Admittedly, she had heard the victims cry out in pain when Eric and Bruno had beaten them to death with clubs and other instruments; and, yes, she had also set the men up. But while the boys were committing the murders she had been next door, watching a video and eating the last remaining slice of smoked salmon on the table…

Translated from: Dokumentation der 45. Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin 1995
by Bertrand Tavernier
with Marie Gillain, Olivier Sitruk, Bruno Putzulu
France 1994/95 113’ empfohlen ab 16 Jahren