Sebbe is fifteen and a bit of an inventor. He and his single mother live in an apartment that is really too small for the pair of them and so it’s inevitable that there’s friction from time to time. Sebbe only has the vaguest memories of his father, but his mother Eva has a clear picture of him – for Sebbe looks exactly like his father and so her son is a constant reminder of her former boyfriend. But Sebbe’s father is not completely lost: sometimes he appears to the boy in dreams and the two converse.
Sebbe’s life is by no means easy. His mother often has to work nights and when she comes home tired in the morning she’s often irritable. She’s been known to fly off the handle – even sending objects flying out of the window! Things aren’t much better at school where Sebbe is the victim of rough-house bullying. No wonder that the boy prefers his own company and enjoys wandering about the scrap yard where nobody tries to pull the wool over his eyes or tell him what to do. This is a place where he can find the most amazing bits of scrap metal and put them together to his heart’s content. A place where he can really let off steam and – best of all – make things explode!
But, really, he didn’t mean to make a bomb. It just sort of happened …
by Babak Najafi
with Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs, Eva Melander, Kenny Wåhlbrink
Sweden 2010 79’

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