The Kids Are All Right

Nic and Jules have been together for a long time and are well acquainted with all the highs and lows of a long-term relationship. Her stressful job at her practice has made her somewhat neglectful of her partner. Jules feels underchallenged in her role as a mother and would dearly like to open a garden landscaping business, but Nic isn’t much good at providing advice on such things. Their daughter Joni is a model pupil who will embark on her studies at an elite university in the autumn. She is frustrated by her parents’ constant control – something which also irritates her fifteen-year-old brother, Laser, who spends most of his time hanging out with his lethargic mate, Clay.
With Joni’s first university term fast approaching, Laser asks his sister for a favour: he wants to meet their biological father. Being eighteen, Joni is able to submit a formal inquiry. Although she is not convinced that it is a good idea, she agrees and, just a few days later Paul gets in touch. He invites the two siblings to pay him a visit at his trendy organic restaurant.
When they meet, Joni, Laser and Paul get on like a house on fire. Nonetheless, brother and sister decide not to mention Paul back at home. During the next few days, Laser spends all his time with Clay. Concerned about his sudden reticence, Nic and Jules take Laser to task; they are worried about him and sense that he is hiding something from them. Thinking that they already know about the encounter with Paul, Laser admits to the siblings’ recent meeting. His admission takes Nic and Jules completely by surprise. Old hands in crisis management, Nic and Jules decide to deal with the problem head-on by inviting Paul over for dinner. They are determined to run him into the ground with a blast of icy charm and over-the-top friendliness. But then Paul arrives …
by Lisa Cholodenko
with Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mark Ruffalo
USA / France 2009 104’

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Inferno Entertainment, LLC

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