“Sorasoi” is the name of a youth hostel. on the beach where a group of Japa­nese teenagers are spending their holidays. One day the “Potente Dance Club” takes part in a competition. Dancing instructor Tabe begins an ambitious training regimen by the end of which the whole group will have been transformed into masterful dancers. But his dancers are nowhere near proficient. However, their yawning deficit in terms of talent and appli­cation is made for up by their passionate interest in each other. Kikka can’t keep her hands off team leader Mako, and the boys are only interested in the girls’ bust size and so they’re not paying much attention to Tabe’s choreography.
And then Yuri suddenly appears at the camp’s reception. She is looking for a room in a hostel that doesn’t appear to be listed in any telephone book. Moreover, she’s always in a dismal mood and this seems to have a strange effect on the others. Determined to find out what kind of a secret she is harbouring, Ryu refuses to let her out of his sight, and in fact ends up risking his life to retrieve her hat from the sea. The truth finally emerges at a barbecue one night and, in spite of the tears and the shouting, they manage to put together a team after all. Dancing is something you should enjoy. And it doesn’t really matter if you can do it or not.
by Katsuhito Ishii, Shunichiro Miki, Yuuuka Ooosumi
with Sohta Aoyama, Sayuri Ichikawa, Ryu Morioka, Fumi Nikaido, Masako Satoh, Ai Makino
Japan 2008 88’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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