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Generation Undecided
When this film’s director – Elmar Szücs – became a father he suddenly realised that he hadn’t really achieved anything in his life. It was the same story for more or less all of his mates. They were all around thirty years of age and were still in the midst of their studies – or about to begin a new course of study.
Together with three of his closest school friends the director decided to set off in search of the mood that pervades a generation of today’s thirty-
year-olds. How did they grow up, what kind of upbringing did they have? What were their parents’ and their teachers’ expectations? What did they themselves expect from life? And why has everything turned out so differently?
As they travel back to the North Sea island of Amrum where they spent their youth the four men try to find answers for these questions. Their journey helps them to make a few discoveries about themselves and, gradually, the ‘mood’ of a generation begins to emerge.
It seems that they all belong to an ‘indecisive generation’, one that tries to leave all its options open; that refuses to make a firm commitment for fear of missing out on an opportunity. And so they continue to wait for the moment when their real lives will begin. Except that now they finally begin to grasp the fact that they are already there: in the midst of life.
by Elmar Szücs Germany 2008 61’

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