Singularidades de uma rapariga loura

Eccentricities Of A Blond Hair Girl | Die Eigenheiten einer jungen Blondine
There’s an old Galician saying that you should: “tell a stranger in a tavern anything you don’t want to tell your wife or your best friend”. The protagonist of this film adheres to this advice. En route to the Algarve, he decides to tell a female fellow-traveller of the greatest but most tragic love of his life.
Macário is the name of the young man. He works as an accountant for his Uncle Francisco in Lisbon. From the veranda of his office he can see into the window of the house opposite. This is where a young woman lives who is very fond of standing at the window cooling herself with a Chinese fan. Macário falls in love with her on the spot. Noticing someone he knows leave her house one day, he enlists the friend’s aid to make the young woman’s acquaintance. The two soon get to know each other and, before long, a wedding is on the cards. But then – disaster strikes – the uncle forbids their marriage! When Macário insists on marrying the woman he loves, his uncle gives him his marching orders.
Macário winds up on the Cape Verde islands where he looks after a friend’s business interests. Now a rich man, he returns to Lisabon and once again plans his wedding to the young woman. However, fate deals him yet another cruel blow. Macário’s friend begs him to do him a favour and stand surety for his vast debts. Macário agrees – only to discover a few days later that the ‘friend’ has gone abroad, taking Macário’s entire fortune with him. Once again, his dream of marriage seems to have receded into the distance …
by Manoel de Oliveira
with Ricardo Trêpa, Catarina Wallenstein, Diogo Dória, Julia Buisel
Portugal / France / Spain 2009 64’

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