End Of Love

Following his mother’s death, Ming, a good-looking gay man, moves out of their shared apartment and rents a room owned by Cyrus. His new landlord is an extravagant young man who seems to be swimming in money. Not appearing to need to work, he spends his time taking drugs and partying. Cyrus introduces Ming to his world and, before long, Ming agrees to work as a rent boy, like Cyrus. A turbulent time commences in which the two colleagues and business partners have a great deal of fun. Ming nonetheless tries to keep his new source of cash hidden from his lover, Yan. Ming’s inamorato Yan is ten years his senior; he would never tolerate Ming’s occupation. The two men met in the fashion industry where Ming was once employed. It was love at first sight. But one day Ming’s mother caught them having sex. This led to a terrible row, after which Ming’s mother took her own life. Although Yan swore at the time he would never see Ming again, they ended up resuming their affair – even more passionately than before. Waking up in hospital following a drug overdose, Ming admits his drug escapades and his lucrative source of extra income to Yan. If Yan truly loves him, says Ming, he will accept his transgressions. This is really too much for Yan. But they nonetheless resume their love affair. Unable to cope with Ming’s new lifestyle Yan decides to tip off the police about Cyrus – but Ming is one of those arrested during the raid. Thanks to the support of another prisoner named Keung, Ming manages to survive the terrible prison sentence. When Ming finishes his sentence, Keung meets him from prison. Ming moves in with Keung, who, it transpires, does not live alone …
by Simon Chung
with Chi Kin Lee, Guthrie Yip, Ben Yeung, Joman Chiang, Clifton Kwan
Hong Kong, China 2008 95’

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m-appeal / Raspberry & Cream

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