Kashmir: Journey To Freedom

Mahatma Gandhi once described Kashmir as a bright light in a sea of darkness. But today, Kashmir is a land of terror and desperation. A land with the highest rate of soldiers to civilians and attacks in history; it is a place awash with violence and human rights abuses.
According to director Udi Aloni it is high time that there was more awareness of this conflict in the West. The region’s problems have been ignored for far too long, he feels. With this film, Aloni seeks to give a voice to the courageous people of Kash­mir who, flanked by two antagonistic countries, are struggling to rebuild their land. Theirs is a non-violent bid for a free and peaceful Kashmir in which everyone – regardless of their religious and ethnic background – can live as citizens of Kashmir, resuming their country’s long-lost traditions – for there once was a time when this land was characterised by the peaceful coexistence of many different religions and cultures.
As Yasin Malik, leader of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front explains: “The quest for peace and justice in Kashmir has now become a race to save the people of India, Pakistan, Kashmir and the region at large from the very real threat of nuclear catastrophe (…) The root cause of the tension between India and Pakistan is Kashmir. Instead of being a festering wound between these two arch-rivals, Kashmir could serve as a bridge of peace.”
by Udi Aloni USA / Israel 2008 72’

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