Unmistaken Child

Das auserwählte Kind
The year 2001 marked the death of Lama Konchog, one of the great contemporary Tibetan masters. Lama Konchog, who was 84 when he died, was renowned for having spent 26 years meditating in a Tibetan cave. The Dalai Lama gives Lama Konchog’s pupil, Tenzin Zopa, the task of locating his master’s incarnation. This ‘unmistaken child’ must be found within the next four years otherwise it will be too difficult to separate him from his parents.
Tenzin Zopa became Lama Konchog’s pupil of his own volition at the age of seven. He spent 21 years living in close proximity with his master – until his death. Tenzin feels the loss of his master keenly. His loneliness is
compounded by the responsibility of his quest: to secretly find his master’s reincarnation in the body of a small boy who could be living anywhere in the world. His mission takes Tenzin to remote mountainous areas and to tiny villages where nothing seems to have changed in centuries. Tenzin travels by helicopter, by donkey and on foot. With the aid of astrologers, the interpretation of dreams and the advice of villagers he finally ascertains a boy who could be the one. Mysterious rituals must now be conducted in order to establish his identity.
by Nati Baratz Israel 2008 102’

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