Robert’s parents have enrolled him at an expensive top-notch boarding school on the east coast of America. This is a where the children of influential parents grow up, children with the kind of parents who are far too busy to take care of their own offspring. The atmosphere at the school is cold and unsympathetic. Grin and bear it is the unwritten law within these walls and if that doesn’t help there’s always drugs – which are easy to obtain here. Robert keeps all of this at arm’s length. He hardly has any friends and prefers to spend all his time online, watching porn and scenes of violence. He derives so much pleasure from watching the world around him from a distance that he decides to join a video course. When two female fellow-pupils die of an overdose in front of his camera’s gaze, Robert is forced to engage with the real world in which his parents have abandoned him.
“The American College in AFTERSCHOOL is a gruesome place, one where perversions can thrive, and where anxiety is the order of the day. This film unmasks the hypocrisy of members of the school’s administration who refuse to expel the two girls in spite of their flagrant drug abuse. This is because their parents are very wealthy and influential – and this is more important.” Nana A. T. Rebhan

by Antonio Campos
with Ezra Miller, Addison Timlin, Emory Cohen, Paul Sparks
USA 2008 106’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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