‘Coyote’ is the name given to human traffickers who smuggle illegal immigrants over the Mexican border into the USA. Every year, there are half a million such refugees. The US authorities work closely with the Mexican government to track down and arrest émigrés from Central and South America whilst they are still in southern Mexico.
This film follows the fortunes of three émigrés from Central America who set out from Guatemala on a journey across Mexico to the USA. They put their fate into the hands of a ‘coyote’ who transforms them in to ‘fully-fledged’ Mexicans. The plan is for the three to cross ‘their country’ in the respective guises of a concert musician, a young teacher and a cosmetic sales rep.
Their trip is anything but comfortable; in fact, it turns out to be plagued by misfortune and disaster. The three travellers are in constant danger of being discovered and deported – in which case they would have to start again from scratch. In the end, just one of these three hopefuls manages to reach the goal of their arduous journey – the USA.
by Chema Rodríguez Spain 2008 81’

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