White Lightnin'

“Ther’s tha devil movin’ in my blood.”  The man would indeed appear to have the devil in him – particularly in his legs! Jesco White, known to his fellow West-Virginians as the ‘dancing outlaw’, lives an isolated existence in a dilapidated trailer in the Appalache mountains – where nearly everyone owns a gun and their own moonshine distillery.
Jesco’s father was the one who taught him how to kick up his heels to the strains of a fast and furious banjo. D. Ray White was the best dancer of all time in these mountainous parts. And a God-fearing man to boot. He taught his son how to dance in order to keep him on the straight and narrow. But the devil’s temptations prove too strong. Time and again Jesco hears voices, and frequently finds himself in trouble with the law. Finally, he ends up in a reform institution where he spends the best part of his youth. This is the worst time of his life – made worse when his father falls victim to a senseless and brutal murder.
Jesco tries to adhere to his father’s warnings. Dancing helps him – but soon enough the devil gets the upper hand. And then, whilst touring the south, he meets the woman of his dreams at one of his performances. Enid Carter, known as Percilla, is twice Jesco’s age but only half as tall. The odd couple live a happy life together until, one day, Long and Davie, the two men responsible for Jesco’s father’s death, come to town. Once again the great tempter speaks to Jesco. But this time the voice is screaming for revenge …
by Dominic Murphy
with Edward Hogg, Carrie Fisher, Muse Watson
United Kingdom / USA / Croatia 2008 90’

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