Santi is 16 years old and suffers from XP, a disease that makes him acutely sensitive to sunlight – a fact that doesn’t exactly make his or his mother Julia’s life in Barcelona easy. Santi longs to leave. Best of all would be to move to Laponia, because the sun seldom shines on this northern Swedish town, and so life there, he is convinced, would be so much more pleasant. But Julia just doesn’t have the kind of money that such a move involves. After a lengthy discussion with her son she decides to move somewhere else – Arrozas de Valdeon – a remote village in northern Spain that is rarely penetrated by the sun’s rays on account of the high mountains that surround it.
But instead of the mountain idyll they so long for, they soon find themselves in the midst of a nightmare. For there are strange goings on in Arrozas de Valdeon. At first, animals begin to disappear – apparently ‘usurped’ by something unknown lurking in the nearby woods. And then one day a young man is killed. Santi, who witnesses the boy’s death, soon becomes the prime suspect in the eyes of the villagers. Antonio, the local policeman, asks Julia to keep an eye on her son in order to avoid any more trouble.
In the meantime, Santi begins to make friends. In order to prove his innocence, he and one of his friends, a young girl, decide to get to the bottom of the mystery that lies buried in the woods. He and Angela discover a wild girl whose parents died in tragic circumstances. And it turns out that some of the inhabitants of Arrozas de Valdeon are not exactly blameless …
by Isidro Ortiz
with Junio Valverde, Mar Sodupe, Francesc Orella, Roberto Enríquez, Andrés Herrera
Spain 2007 91’

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