Erika Rabau - Der Puck von Berlin

Erika Rabau - Puck of Berlin
No matter where one encounters her, Erika Rabau will always be there, in the front row. For more than thirty years, she has been an official photo­grapher of the Berlin Film Festival, and an integral part of Berlin’s media scene.
This film follows Erika during the 2007 Berlinale. From photo calls, press conferences and red carpet shoots, to the various evening events and parties at the end of the day – Erika and her camera are always in the midst of the goings-on. But besides showing us the glamour and the lustre, her special status also allows us to catch a glimpse behind the scenes. We watch her preparing for the festival, or meeting celebrities such as Antonio Banderas, Jamie Bell and Mario Adorf; Erika also tells us how difficult and tiring her work can be. Time and again, she remembers anecdotes from her past, regaling us with stories about painting the town with stars and starlets and, naturally, about how she began working for the Berlinale. In be­tween, Erika, who was born in Danzig, invites us into her home where we learn more about the beginnings of her photographic career in Argen­tina, as well as her life-long dream of becoming an actor. And yet, over the years, Erika has appeared in cameo roles in over 30 films directed by the likes of Wim Wenders, R. W. Fassbinder and Lothar Lambert. But whatever she plays – and Erika plays everything, from baby to elderly woman – she always remains true to herself.
Production notes
by Samson Vicent
with Erika Rabau
Germany 2007 87’

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