Om Shanti Om

A tribute to the memory of 1970s Bollywood. The hero and main protagonist of this romantic saga is a budding young actor named Om Prakash Makhija, who falls desperately in love with Shantipriya, the top female star of the era, but his love is unrequited. All of his dreams of becoming as big a star as his inamorata and of celebrating his success with her both on and off screen are dashed in one fell swoop when he witnesses the brutal murder of his great idol at the hands of avaricious producer Mukesh Mehra. Worse still, his attempt to save the woman of his dreams ends up costing him his own life. But fate has more in store for both of them. Om Prakash Makhija returns to an earthly existence as Om Kapoor – a 2007 Bollywood superstar! In a series of flashbacks, OM SHANTI OM, tells the story of how Om Kapoor manages to remember his past life and avenge the death of his beloved. At the same time, OM SHANTI OM’s retrospective gaze is embedded in an exuberant revue of present day Bollywood cinema, in which countless stars and superstars from the year 2007 appear in highly acclaimed cameos.
by Farah Khan
with Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shreyas Talpade, Arjun Rampal
India / United Kingdom 2007 168’

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