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Everything Is Fine
Josh is 16. Just an ordinary teenager from an ordinary American suburb. There is nothing unusual about his life that he spends between high school and his local skate park – until the day he is rushed to hospital. A few hours later he lies in a deep coma, his body connected up to a life-support system. But this is just where the story begins.
One fine spring day, Josh bursts into his best friend’s room to discover that Thomas is dead. He has hung himself. And not just Thomas; shortly afterwards it appears that Sacha, Simon and Alex – three of Thomas’ best buddies – have all committed suicide. They were also Josh’s friends. None of them left a suicide note explaining their dreadful deed, nor does there appear to be an explanation for the fact that they didn’t include Josh in their plan. Not only does he have to cope with his grief – the burden of having survived also weighs heavily on Josh. He begins to withdraw increasing from the world around him, and it becomes more and more difficult to get close to him.
Only two people are able to find a way of connecting with Josh – one of them is Sacha’s girlfriend Mia, and the other is Thomas’ father, Henri. Josh’s relationship with Mia is ambivalent. They are bound not just by the tragedy but also by mutual attraction. In Henri, Josh finds solace of the simplest kind, for Henri is an alcoholic and hasn’t spoken since his son’s death. Whenever Josh pays him a visit, they spend long silent afternoons to­gether in front of the television, watching the golf. Besides this, Josh seeks comfort in his memories of his old gang of skateboarders. But what does he hope to find? Answers to the questions that continue to nag him? Or is he looking for the courage to follow in the footsteps of his dead friends?
by Yves-Christian Fournier
with Maxime Dumontier, Chloé Bourgeois, Maxime Bessette, Jean-Noël Raymond-Jetté, Niels Schneider
Canada 2007 118’

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Seville Pictures Inc.

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