NEUE BILDER schwarzer filmschaffender in deutschland

NEW PERSPECTIVES - Black artists in German film
NEW PERSPECTIVES is the name of a series of films presented during the Ber linale by the association "SFD - Schwarze Filmschaffende in Deutschland e.V.". This season of films by Afro-German filmmakers or by filmmakers of AfroGerman descent living in Germany marks a first in the history of German cinema. The programme comprises six films. Spanning all generations and genres, these works are geared towards an international audience of cinemagoers and members of the industry alike. Aiming to provide a representative cross-section of black cinema in Germany, the series contains three fictional works, one animation film and two short documentaries.
ZWISCHEN (BETWEEN) is a film about what it's like to be a foreigner in Berlin. - TURMSPRINGER (DIVER) is a cinematic comic about a German super hero who thwarts an attack on one of the city's main railway stations. - LANDING is the story of a young Afro-German woman who wakes up to discover that she is invisible ... something she has always dreamed of being. - UND WIR WAREN DEUTSCHE (AND WE WERE GERMANS) documents an encounter between two old school friends, Hans-Jürgen Massaquoi and Ralph Giordano, who managed to survive the Second World War and the Holocaust by hiding in Hamburg. - CHERISH tells the story of a young girl's first encounter with her father. - YOU ARE WELCOME! contains three interviews that were conducted in Ghana with a Ghanaian and two visitors from Germany. Alongside these films, visitors to the Berlinale will also be able to attend a multi-media exhibition, as well as a series of lectures and a podium discussion on the subject of "The Portrayal of Africans in German Cinema".
by Todd Ford, Ezra Tsegaye, Sebastian Kühne, Branwen Okpako, John A. Kantara, Winta Yohannes, Otu Tetteh, Diegonante
with Dennenesch Zoude, Verona Joseph, Nicholas Haley, Rudolph Walker, Todd Ford, Emmanuel Ivan, Nü Noi Kwashi, Veronika Obermeier
Germany / United Kingdom 2007 109’

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