Anna M.

Anna M. is a quiet, reserved young woman. She is conscientious and honest at work and popular with her colleagues. But then she becomes convinced that a happily married doctor named Zanevsky is in love with her. From this point onwards she interprets everything the man does or says - even his emphatic denial - as proof of his love for her. Her passion grows into an unshakable obsession - nothing, it seems, can throw her conviction into any doubt. "He loves me!" And, sure enough, this young woman's imagined love affair makes her radiant with happiness ... before long she begins to react to the doctor's supposed advances. She follows him, spies on him, steals his letters, writes to him, sends him presents and rings him up at home, day and night. Dr Zanevsky says he's married? He has a wife? He says he loves his wife? Anna refuses to believe a word. As far as she's concerned, he's afraid to admit his love for her. Or perhaps afraid of this woman who isclearly holding him prisoner.
But Anna's hopes that Dr Zanevsky will finally acknowledge his love for herare not fulfilled. At first she is disappointed at his failure to surrender to hisfeelings, but then her disappointment gradually turns into hatred ...
by Michel Spinosa
with Isabelle Carré, Gilbert Melki, Anne Consigny
France 2006 106’

World sales

Films Distribution Mercure International

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