Boldog új élet

Happy New Life
An unnamed city in the present. The film's main character, Attila, lives here on a large modern housing estate. He knows nothing about the life that goes on outside, and not much more about the world at large. Attila is a member of the Romany people. He grew up in an orphanage and never knew his parents. He has no idea what it means to be a gypsy, because nobody has ever told him about this culture. Since his Romany roots don't inform his identity, he does not know how to draw strength from this rich ethnic background. Instead, there is a void within him; and he feels a strong impulse to belong to somebody.
One day, Attila receives a surprising and unusual present from the man who used to look after him. The gift contains official documents and family papers that are not normally allowed to be disclosed. But Attila's guardian has not forgotten. He knows how Attilia has longed for this day, and now, he is prepared to fulfil his wish. Sure enough, the documents give Attila hope that he will somehow be able to recover everything he missed out on during his childhood.
by Árpád Bogdán
with Lajos Orsós, Michaela Göczi, István Szilvási
Hungary 2007 85’

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