Scott Walker - 30 Century Man

"The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" was the swinging London song that scored an international hit in the mid-sixties for the Walker Brothers, the group formed by American bassist and lead singer Scott Walker. And yet, in 1967, at the height of their fame, the group disbanded. Scott Walker, whose career began as an jobbing bassist on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, had other interests apart from competing with the likes of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones for an audience of screaming teenagers. Scott Walker loved the films of Ingmar Bergman; he read Jean-Paul Sartre and listened to Jacques Brel. Scott Walker's path did not lead to Las Vegas, where he could have become a second Frank Sinatra.
Instead, he recorded solo albums that harboured dark sounds and challenging lyrics. Scott Walker is regarded as one of the most influential figures in pop history; but he is also one of the ones most shrouded in mystery. His projects - such as the soundtrack to Leos Carax's 1999 film POLA X - have polarised audiences time and again. In spite of monumental flops and personal crises, Scott Walker remains one of pop's most legendary figures. "I've become the Orson Welles of the music industry", he is quoted as having said. "People like to lunch with me, but nobody wants to finance the film." In 2006 Scott Walker released a new, highly acclaimed album entitled "The Drift". Once again, the album contained sounds that could well be described as eccentric (he asked, for example, one percussionist to beat the halved carcass of a pig).
This portrait does not only provide images of Scott Walker at the studio during the recording of "The Drift"; the musician that normally refuses to be interviewed looks back frankly on his chequered career, while famous fellow-travellers and fans including David Bowie, Brian Eno and Jarvis Cocker talk about Walker's influence on their own work.
by Stephen Kijak United Kingdom / USA 2006 95’

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