Razzle Dazzle

The atmosphere is tense and stage-fright has gripped all those taking part in Australia's most important dance competition, the "Sanosafe Troupe Spectacular", in which only the country's top dance schools can take part. Five-fold champion Miss Elizabeth is openly confident that she will lead her Talent Academy to victory and is employing a mixture of regimented weighins, public humiliation and fake praise to make sure they defend their place. Some have been known to call her teaching methods outrageous; unperturbed, she continues to run her school with an iron fist. Miss Elizabeth takes orders from no-one.
However, at another dance school not far away, Mr Jonathon is busy training his eleven protégés for the big competition. Mr Jonathon is a man with a vision; he doesn't only want to entertain, he sees his choreography as an art form that could change the world. There's simply too much injustice in our lives, he believes, and finds it impossible to turn his back on the oppression and violence he sees everywhere.
At last, the great day dawns. The finalists are all on edge. The hall is packed to the rafters. The moment of truth has arrived. Will Miss Elizabeth walk away with the title for the sixth time, or will Mr Jonathon make it? He and his pupils have rehearsed a particularly inspiring piece - about the emancipation of women in Afghanistan.
by Darren Ashton
with Shayni Notelovitz, Clancy Ryan, Sheridan Rynne, Kerry-Ann Thoo, Ben Miller, Kerry Armstrong, Jane Hall
Australia 2006 88’ empfohlen ab 8 Jahren

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