El otro

The Other | Der Andere
This is story of an average business trip that suddenly turns into a different sort of journey altogether. An expedition into another life that is also an inner journey. Juan Desouza is on a business trip when he realises that the man who has been sitting next to him all the time, has died. Secretly, almost as if it were a game, Juan decides to take on the dead man's identity. Making up a new profession for himself and choosing a new address, Juan sud denly sees an opportunity to get away - and never go back.
At the outset of his new life, and, now convinced that anything is possible, he finds himself caught up in an adventure amidst the wilds of untamed nature. He rediscovers his senses, begins to trust his natural instincts and tries to explore all the opportunities that life has in store for him. But this is by no means all there is to it.
In Ariel Rotter's words: "Over the years, I believe that all of my films have been about the same subject. From my first short films to EL OTRO, I am always aware of the time allotted to us in life, and the question of what we do with this time preoccupies me."
by Ariel Rotter
with Julio Chavez, Osvaldo Bonet, Maria Oneto, Maria Ucedo, Ines Molina, Arturo Goetz
Argentina / France / Germany 2007 83’

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