Guten Morgen, Herr Grothe

Good Morning, Mr. Grothe
Thirty-seven-year-old Michael Grothe is a German teacher at a bog standard secondary school in Berlin. His job is no easy task. But Grothe loves his work and is a committed teacher - so committed, in fact, that his private life suffers as a result. After a failed marriage, his burgeoning relationship with his colleague Lisa Kranz hasn't got a chance against the passion Grothe puts into his role as a teacher. His class means everything to him; one difficult pupil named Nico is particularly close to his heart. Grothe refuses to give up Nico as a bad job and is determined to encourage him. But Grothe gets too emotionally involved, and transgresses boundaries. In doing so, he neglects both the other pupils in his class as well as his own life. Finally Grothe has to admit defeat with Nico. The teacher feels his failure keenly. Yet there may still be a glimmer of hope. Perhaps he has made his mark after all and succeeded in bringing home to his pupils the need for personal responsibility. Grothe may have lost one pupil - but he gains a whole class. Production notes
by Lars Kraume
with Sebastian Blomberg, Ludwig Trepte, Nina Kunzendorf, Nele Müller-Stöfen
Germany 2006 90’

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