Eagle vs. Shark

Lily McKinnon works as a waitress at a fast food restaurant and, because she isn't a particularly good waitress, she isn't very popular. Everything about Lily is wrong somehow: her clothes, her walk, and the things she says. Just about everything. Nevertheless, she is possessed of an unshakable optimism. And she has a big heart for all the troublesome and encumbered people of this world. One day Lily has a revelation. Jarrod Lough, a guy that comes to the burger joint every day for lunch, has exactly the same birthmark on his lip that she has! Now if that isn't a sign ... But Jarrod is much more interested in Lily's good-looking colleague than in the kooky waitress with her kooky mole.
Jarrod is a born loser - a video game champ who always seems to hit the wrong buttons. His refusal to accept this, loudly demanding instead that everyone respect him doesn't make things any easier. The only one who is prepared to overlook his swaggering is Lily. One day, Lily loses her job. Plucking up all of her courage, she turns up uninvited at one of Jarrod's video game parties. Jarrod heads for his home town, with love-sick Lily in tow.
Jarrod was always a loser. Even at school. Somebody who has always seemed to outdo him - even then - is Eric Elisi. Now Jarrod decides the time has come to take his revenge. He challenges Elisi to a showdown in their old schoolyard. Lily becomes his loyal supporter. The two misfits are anything but a perfect couple. But, who knows, maybe Lily might just be a good catch after all; someone for whom it's worth going into battle ...
by Taika Waititi
with Jemaine Clement, Loren Horsley, Joel Tobeck, Brian Sergent, Rachel House
New Zealand 2006 93’

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