Dasepo Sonyeo

Dasepo Naughty Girls
Fun, sex and lunacy. All hell's been let loose at No Use High School! Director E J-yong puts a whole new curriculum together for his brilliant adaptation of an internet comic. Whilst the couple that run this somewhat unusual boarding school indulge their sado-masochistic longings, their multi-confessional pupils are busy educating themselves primarily in all kinds of sexual practices. At the centre of this off-the-wall revue of eccentric youths is Poverty Girl, who is somewhat of an outsider - even at a school as used to extremes as this one. Obliged to prostitute herself in order to afford the school fees, her clientele comprises largely old men. She is in love with an attractive young pupil named Anthony. A spoilt, snooty upstart, Anthony comes from a rich background and doesn't even notice Poverty Girl. Instead, his attentions are drawn by the younger sister of a one-eyed fellowpupil, Cyclop. When the little girl turns out to be a little boy this does nothing to dampen Anthony's enthusiasm. Just as unorthodox as the love life of this crew of bright young things is the colourful look of this bizarre teenage comedy, that takes the audience on a high-speed romp through a highly unpedagogical realm.
by E J-yong
with Kim Ok-bin, Lee Kyun, Park Jin-woo
South Korea 2006 103’

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Mirovision Inc.

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