"...es wird jemand kommen, der ja zu mir sagt"

Based on Maxie Wander’s book, “Guten Morgen, Du Schöne”, the film’s main character is a 22-year-old waitress living in an east German city with her young daughter in a sterile looking concrete pre-fab. She sits with a girlfriend discussing her problems with men, her daughter and her job at the café. “They all pour their hearts out to me. It never occurs to any of them that I might have problems of my own,” she bemoans in one scene. “Some­day someone will come along and say ‘yes’ to me!”
by Michael Blume
with Odette Bereska, Christine Liersch, Heike Lehmkar, Julius Robok
Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990) 1981 15’

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