Un ami parfait

The Perfect Friend | Ein perfekter Freund
When Julien Rossi wakes up in hospital he can’t remember what happened to him on New Years’ morning before he fell into a coma. Was he mugged? Was it an accident? This is merely one of many secrets he is obliged to unravel. Who is the beau­ti­ful young woman who claims to be his girlfriend? And why does Norina, his real girlfriend, refuse to take his calls? And what made him give up his job as an investigative reporter? Julien is hoping that Lucas will get to the bottom of this mystery. Surely his colleague and best friend will be able to help. But then he sees Lucas and Norina hand in hand, crossing a street…
by Francis Girod
with Antoine de Caunes, Carole Bouquet, Martina Gedeck
France / Germany 2006 106’

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