Camping sauvage

Wild Camp
A camping site during the summer holidays. A nearby lake beckons with its cooling waters, while tall trees provide just the right amount of pleasant shade. But things soon hot up considerably in French directing team Christophe Ali and Nicolas Bonilauri’s holiday drama.
Camille, who is 17, is among those spending their holidays at the camp site. She has accompanied her parents here. Although she has even managed to find a friend for the duration of the holiday in the shape of Fred who has a summer job working on the bar, Camille doesn’t really know what to do with herself.
But then she meets Blaise. A strange guy who is something of an outsider, Blaise is over 40. His step-brother Eddie, who runs the camp site, has recently given him a job here as a sailing instructor. He and Camille harbour similar feelings of profound dissatisfaction. This is what draws them to each other and, at the same time, distances them increasingly from the rest of the holiday guests.
Their complicity is the source of a great many rumours that gradually drive their relatives to distraction. On the other hand, these rumours only serve to unleash their passion for each other. For each of them this marks the beginning of a dangerous liaison…
by Christophe Ali, Nicolas Bonilauri
with Denis Lavant, Isild Le Besco, Pascal Bongard
France 2005 80’

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