Sebastian is a rich slacker who has no respect for anyone or anything. His good looks make it easy for him to attract women, and he takes delight in treating them badly. Sebastian gets a kick out of manipulating people, of toying with them and messing up their lives. Always on the lookout for an opportunity to fool around with some weak-willed character, Sebastian likes to hang out in Vienna’s seedy bars and coffee shops. He also makes avid use of the internet to meet young women he can impress with his overblown stories, some of which are true but most of which are a pack of lies. Primary school teacher Pia is his latest conquest – or is she merely a typical wallflower, always talking too much because she’s nervous?
But then Pia learns of the latest cruel blow administered by Sebastian and his sidekick, Alex, and, all at once, her relationship to Sebastian, which was beginning to get more serious, is in jeopardy. Sebastian and Alex have stolen identification papers from a helpless drunk lying on the street and transported him to Czechia. Their victim is a bedraggled alcoholic poet named Kallman. Pia decides to help this fallen man of letters who is now wandering about the wintry wilds of Czechia without the faintest idea of how to get himself out of this mess.
by Michael Glawogger
with Paulus Manker, August Diehl, Pia Hierzegger, Michael Ostrowski, Maria Bill
Austria / Switzerland 2006 96’

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Bavaria Film International

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