Les mots bleus

Words In Blue | Worte in Blau
Six-year-old Anna refuses to speak. Her mother, Clara, never wanted to read or write. Lonely and isolated from the rest of the world, Anna looks on as her mother stuffs something into her pockets or sews things into the seam of her sleeve – little notes on which Clara has had their address written down, or the titles of books her little daughter likes to read, or recipes for her favourite cake, or verses from lullabies. Because you never know, they could lose each other forever. Armed with only these notes as provision, Anna sets off for a school for deaf-mute children. Here, she meets a teacher named Vincent who takes it upon himself to try and banish the family curse for good.
“I will tell you words in blue, the words my eyes speak so true.” The celestial sounds of Jean-Michel and Christophe helped to transport director Alain Corneau into the world of his film, LES MOTS BLEU. Based on Dominique Mainard’s novel, “Leur histoire”, the film tells the story of a lack of communication that evolves into a love story. “It was particularly exciting to place her between the two actors – Sylvie Testud and Sergi Lopez. She is carried along by events, she is the only real adult in this story and her maturity is expressed solely by her gaze, which adds to the magic of cinema.”
by Alain Corneau
with Sylvie Testud, Sergi Lopez, Camille Gauthier
France 2004 114’

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