Green Chair
Director Park Chul-soo’s latest film is based on actual events that occurred in Korea. The starting point for his film is a newspaper article about a married woman who was charged with having violated an underage man. This absurd-sounding criminal offence comes about as a result of a Korean law that makes sexual contact between adults and youths illegal – and, in Korea, one does not come of age until twenty.
This cinematic amour fou revolves around thirty-two-year-old Moon-hee and a nineteen-year-old secondary school pupil named Hyun. After being sentenced to one hundred days of community service, the attractive Moon-hee decides to end her relationship with her underage lover. However, the young man isn’t easily deterred. When sensation-hungry reporters start stalking the couple, they take off together and hide in a small hotel.
The couple spend five days and nights at this hotel. Five days and five nights full of love and laugher. But then, the day comes when they are obliged to leave their amorous sanctuary…
by Park Chul-soo
with Suh Jung, Shim Ji-ho, Oh Yun-hong
South Korea 2004 98’

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