La vida que te espera

Your Next Life
Gildo is a farmer; he lives with his two daughters, Val and Genia, in the del Pas valley in the mountains of Cantabria. Gildo is a widower and so it falls to Val to keep house. Val milks the cows, cooks for the family and takes care of her younger sister, who is still at school.
One day, one of Gildo’s cows wanders onto his neighbour Severo’s
land, where she is inseminated by the neighbour’s bull. The two men
quarrel about the situation but, finally, agree that Severo will have the cow’s calf. However, a year later, when Val takes the new-born animal over
to the neighbour’s house, Severo flies into yet another rage. Claiming
that the calf Val has brought him was not that of the wandering cow,
he decides to take Val hostage. Gildo arrives to rescue his daughter
and a dreadful fight breaks out between Gildo and Severo. Theirs is
a life or death struggle during which Severo proves to be the weaker
of the two.
One of those present at Severo’s funeral is Rai, Severo’s son and heir, who works in town as a hairdresser. Val and her father are the first to offer Rai their condolences. For the two young people it’s love at first sight – mind you, Rai has no idea that Val just happens to be the daughter of the man clearly responsible for his father’s death . . .
by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
with Juan Diego, Luis Tosar, Marta Etura
Spain 2003 108’

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