Death In Gaza

Tod in Gaza
This film tells the story of three Palestinian children living in the Gaza strip. Ahmed is twelve years old. A great football fan, his life doesn’t differ from many other boys of the same age. But then, one day, a friend is shot dead by an Israeli sniper before his eyes and, all of a sudden, Ahmed is a changed boy. From this point on, he begins to take an interest in paramilitary groups operating in his neighbourhood. The film observes him become more and more radical.
Mohammed is Ahmed’s best friend. His mother begs him to stay well away from the frontline of Israeli occupied territory. But, only a short time later, he and Ahmed are busy making Molotov cocktails intended to be thrown at Israeli tanks. Finally, 16-year-old Nailja lives close to the border, where the Israeli army are in the process of destroying Palestinian houses in order to create a buffer zone.
DEATH IN GAZA describes a fragmented world in which to die a martyr is considered a great honour. The film also bears testimony to how deeply filmmaker James Miller was affected by these children’s stories. A cameraman and director who regularly reported from war zones for CNN and the BBC, James Miller was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier during the making of this film. DEATH IN GAZA was completed by the documentary’s producer, Saira Shah.
by James Miller United Kingdom 2003 77’

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