Jong chak yeok

Short Vacation | Bis ans Ende der Welt
“Why do we have to photograph the end of the world, if it doesn’t exist?”

Armed with old-fashioned disposable cameras, four girls set off to find the end of the world. It sounds like an adventure, but when the young photography club members arrive at the final station of Line 1 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, on the southern outskirts of the city, it turns out the railway tracks just keep on going indefinitely – as if coming this far has merely made their world even bigger. Undeterred, inspired by the boundless freedom of the summer holidays, they continue their expedition on foot: laughing in the rain, posing on a deserted country road, lost in conversations about the things they come across and the things that move them. In the end, what remains is a feeling, and a picture – of a long summer‘s day and night on the outskirts, with friends.
by Kwon Min-pyo, Seo Hansol
with Seol Si-yeon, Bae Yeon-woo, Park So-jung, Han Song-hee
Republic of Korea 2020 Korean,  Subtitles: English 79’ Colour recommendation: 11 years and up


  • Seol Si-yeon (Si-yeon)
  • Bae Yeon-woo (Yeon-woo)
  • Park So-jung (So-jung)
  • Han Song-hee (Song-hee)


Written and Directed byKwon Min-pyo, Seo Hansol
CinematographyPark Jae-man
EditingKwon Min-pyo, Seo Hansol
SoundPark Ga-yeon
Assistant DirectorCho Hee-won
Production ManagerHan Dong-heon
ProducerPark Ki-yong

Produced by

Tiger Cinema

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Dankook Graduate School of Cinematic Content

Yongin, Republic of Korea

World sales

M-Line Distribution

Seoul, Republic of Korea

+82 2 7962427

Kwon Min-pyo

Born in Wonju, Gangwon-do, South Korea in 1991. In 2017, while studying film at Cheongju University, he directed the short film Heat Wave. He then took up a post-graduate degree at Dankook University. Jong Chak Yeok is his debut feature film.


2017 Mu deo wi (Heat Wave); short film 2020 Jong Chak Yeok (Short Vacation)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2021

Seo Hansol

Born in Daegu, South Korea in 1991. After graduating from the history department at Sungkyunkwan University, he entered the graduate film school at Dankook University in 2018. Jong Chak Yeok is his debut feature film.


2020 Jong Chak Yeok (Short Vacation)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2021


Mon Jun 14 17:30

Neue Bühne Hasenheide

German voice-over

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