Guo chun tian

The Crossing
‘You are very young. You must need the money badly.’

Hardly noticed by the border officers, 16-year-old Peipei makes the daily crossing between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. She is one of many people who are not really at home on either side. She dreams of making a voyage to Japan with her best friend, who comes from a well-to-do family in Hong Kong –but she doesn’t have enough money. While at a party, she meets Hao, a member of a smuggling ring. This could be her big chance. Among the high-rise blocks and dimly-lit warehouses, Bai Xue’s debut film portrays life in the transit zone between two border metropolises. With the promise of modern life and brand new iPhones in her backpack, Peipei takes the risky step to independence.
by Bai Xue
with Huang Yao, Sunny Sun, Carmen Soup, Ni Hongjie, Kong May Yee Elena
People's Republic of China 2019 Mandarin,  Cantonese,  Subtitles: English 99’ Colour


  • Huang Yao (Peipei)
  • Sunny Sun (Hao)
  • Carmen Soup (Jo)
  • Ni Hongjie (Lan)
  • Kong May Yee Elena (Hua)
  • Liu Kai Chi (Yong)
  • Jiao Gang (Shui)


Written and directed byBai Xue
ScreenplayLin Meiju
CinematographyPiao Songri
EditingMatthieu Laclau, Tom Lin, Yann-Shan Tsai
MusicGao Xiaoyang, Li Bin
Sound DesignFeng Yanming, Lin Xuelin
Production DesignCheung Siu Hong
CostumesCheung Siu Hong
Make-upYan Bing
ColouristAntonio Zhang
Assistant DirectorShang Jin
ProducerCary Cheng
Executive ProducerTian Zhuangzhuang
Co-producersSun Tao, He Bin
Co-productionWanda Media, Peking
Xinjiang Filmint, Xinjiang

Produced by

Wanda Media

Peking, People's Republic of China

World sales

Wanda Media

Peking, People's Republic of China

86 15895994822

Bai Xue

She studied at the Beijing Film Academy and participated in the Young Director Support Program sponsored by the China Film Directors Guild with her project Guo chun tian (The Crossing). The film went on to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018.


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