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Peppermint Frieden

Peppermint Peace

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The story of a post-war childhood in rural Bavaria. Marianne is five in 1945, when she and her ethnic German parents arrive in Straubing as displaced persons from Terezín in then Czechoslovakia. Her father, a former soldier in the German army, returns to his pre-war occupation as a teacher. Under permanent rebuke from the village priest, Marianne and her friends are curious about religion and sex. They are especially fascinated by an American GI. Part of the occupation forces, he starts up an affair with a pretty neighbour, while generously distributing chewing gum to the town’s children. So for them, peace (Frieden) tastes of peppermint. But the preacher’s constant sermons about the evil of the Soviet “Ivans” awaken in Marianne memories of the trauma of war, which intensify when “Mr Peace” receives orders to go to Korea … In neo-realistic scenes and colourful dream sequences, the film uses idiosyncratic camerawork to look at Cold War taboos from a child’s point of view. Made in 1983, during the era of rearmament debates, Marianne Rosenbaum’s alternative take on history in this Heimatfilm, with its Bavarian and American star cast, can be considered a political statement.

Marianne S. W. Rosenbaum

Federal Republic of Germany 1983


108’ · Black/White & Colour · 35 mm

Rating R12


Peter Fonda
Saskia Tyroller
Gesine Strempel
Hans-Peter Korff
Elisabeth Neumann-Viertel
Cleo Kretschmer
Sigi Zimmerschied
Konstantin Wecker
Hans Brenner


Written and Directed by
Marianne S. W. Rosenbaum
Alfred Tichawsky
Gérard Samaan
Konstantin Wecker
Yves Osmu
Art Director
Franz Tyroller, Eva Möschler, Sw. Deva Mani, Roland Sviboda, Inge Schumacher
Ute Hofinger, Renate Schmaderer
Gérard Samaan, Monika Aubele

Film print: Filmmuseum München