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Etwas tut weh

Something Hurts

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A young girl in her Sunday best picks flowers at the edge of the forest. A young man wearing a fashionable Manchester United jacket rides a moped into the village. And the filmmaker, in jeans, strides through town at a lively pace. Those three figures can be interpreted as the various stages of the director’s life. She speaks off camera, talking about her childhood home, now standing abandoned on the village main street, “windows broken, doors hanging open”. The two young protagonists enter secretly and poke around in the rubble, finding old magazines, postcards, photographs, clothing, and shoes. The narrator talks about her dead relatives – an aunt, her mother, her father, who died at the front, her grandmother, who ran a small store in the house, and her grandfather, who refused to support Hitler, so was labelled a misfit and marginalised … Recha Jungmann traced the tracks of her childhood, which she called full of “fears and discord”. In this cinematic tale, memories of her family come alive, “I look for them. And I can’t reach them. Something hurts”.

Recha Jungmann

Federal Republic of Germany 1980


74’ · Colour · 2K DCP

Digitally restored version 2018. A restoration project of Kinothek Asta Nielsen e.V. and DFF.


Simone Maul
Anja Burak
Hermann Schäfer
Anni Schäfer
Walter Mopser
Franz Hartmann
Joseph Schäfer
Recha Jungmann
und Einwohner des Dorfes Welkers/Rhön


Written and Directed by
Recha Jungmann
Rüdiger Laske, Marian Czura
Ilona Grundmann, Esther Dayan
Frank Wolff
Margit Eschenbach, Peter Klemens, Gerhard Waal
Assistant Director
Kerstin Räder
Lothar Spree, Recha Jungmann

DCP: DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main