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Wang Zha de yuxue

Wangdrak’s Rain Boots

Wangdraks Gummistiefel

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‘Will it rain tomorrow, Mum?’ · ‘Maybe you’ll find out in your dreams tonight.’ · ‘Really?’ · ‘Really. Sometimes in dreams you see what’s going to happen the next day.’

It’s the rainy season in the Tibetan highlands. It’s good for the crops, but bad for Wangdrak. He’s the only boy in his village who doesn’t own a pair of rain boots – and the other children tease him about it. His father has no money to buy any boots, plus he has other worries: there’s a dispute among the farmers. Secretly, his mother swaps a goat skin for a new pair of light blue boots. But when Wangdrak proudly wears them to school the next day, the children laugh at him again because it has stopped raining and the sun is shining. At least Wangdrak can count on his best friend Lhamo. Set in the vast mountains of Tibet this film affectionately portrays the story of a young boy’s dreams which are bound by the traditional structures of rural life.

Lhapal Gyal

People's Republic of China 2018


90’ · Colour

recommendation: 7 years and up

World premiere


Druklha Dorje (Wangdrak)
Pakmo Yangdrom (Lhamo)
Jinpa (Khabum)
Shanma Jyi (Renjyi)


Written and directed by
Lhapal Gyal, based on the story by Tserang Dondrup
Lv Songye
Shakdor Jyab, Teng Congaing
Wang Jue
Sound Design
Wang Shuo, Li Qiyan
Sherab Jopa
Production Design
Tenzin Nyima
Palyang Tso
Zhao Gang
Assistant Director
Dargye Tenzin
Production Management
Liu Naiyue, Wu Tao, Yu Jianhong
Executive Producers
Yang Bai, Yu Jianhong, Sonam Gyal
Supervising Producer
Pema Tseden
Chen Zhongguo, Meng Zhong


Lhapal Gyal

Born in the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the Qinghai Province of China in 1989, he is a director and screenwriter. He studied at the Beijing Film Academy where he made several short films during his studies. Wang Zha de yuxue is his debut feature film.


2013 Youthful Past; short film 2014 Wang Weibao’s Herding Life 2015 Killer; short film · Masked Girl; short film 2016 The Old Times; short film 2017 Wang Zha de yuxue (Wangdrak’s Rain Boots)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Produced by

Values Culture Media

Youth Film Studio

Qinghai Kawajian Film and Culture Dissemination