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Ihre Majestät die Liebe

Her Majesty, Love

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To provoke his brother Othmar, the director of Wellingen motor works, charming playboy Fred von Wellingen gets engaged to barmaid Lia Török. But the company needs a fresh influx of money, so Othmar wants Fred to marry the wealthy Miss Lingenfeld, and promises to promote Fred to general manager in return for giving up Lia. Fred, who by this time is genuinely in love with the barmaid, reluctantly accepts the deal … The supporting actors are the stars in this tempestuous film operetta. In a mad dash to a surprise ending, a colourful chorus of song numbers, sketches, and artistic tomfoolery put those minor roles at the centre of attention – as filled by actors such as Ralph Arthur Roberts, Szöke Szakall, Otto Wallburg, and Adele Sandrock, who were an essential part of the rich pool of acting talent boasted by Weimar-era cinema. They inspired contemporary film critic Rudolf Arnheim to write his 1931 “accolade to bit parts”, in which he declared, “the supporting actor depicts a person as he really is, while the hero player depicts him as we would like him to be. The archetypes for supporting actors really exist, while those of the hero exist only in cosmetic industry advertising”.

Joe May

Germany 1931


101’ · Black/White · 35 mm


Käthe von Nagy
Franz Lederer
Otto Wallburg
Szöke Szakall
Ralph Arthur Roberts
Gretl Theimer
Alexandra Schmitt
Adele Sandrock
Kurt Gerron
Paul Henckels
Gerhard Bienert


Joe May
Adolf Lantz, Rudolf Bernauer, Rudolf Oesterreicher, based on the script “Der Liebestango” by Rudolf Bernauer, Rudolf Oesterreicher
Otto Kanturek
Walter Jurmann
Music Supervisor
Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Walter Tjaden
Set Construction
Andrej Andrejew, Erich Kettelhut
Heinrich Heitfeld
Joe May

Produced by

D.L.S. Deutsches Lichtspiel-Syndikat AG

Film Print: Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv, Berlin