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Somewhere in Lower Austria; the school term is drawing to a close and the summer holidays are not far off. Boarding school pupil Paula, seventeen, is secretly in love with her girlfriend Charlotte. But Charlotte’s going out with Michael. Lovelorn, Paula decides to try and take her mind of things by getting involved with schoolmate Tim, whose feelings for her are at least genuine. Paula has no idea how often Charlotte thinks of her. And then there’s Lilli, who is just dying for someone to fancy her and tries to play the wild seductress. Paula must decide if she wants to follow her own feelings or yield to other people’s.
Lanzenkirchen, mon amour: in her debut as a director Monja Art portrays teenage life and love in the sticks as a roller coaster ride of the emotions in a collection of amorous mini-dramas. Caught between dull days at school and dissolute nights at the village disco, Paula and her friends are like any normal teenagers: wonderfully know-it-all time bombs ticking away on the brink of adulthood, by which time they may just about have their heads on straight. But for now their greatest fear is having to stick around in this dump of a backwater. Outside, the strains of a brass band can be heard, a combine harvester does its rounds and, if you’re lucky, a bus might come.

Monja Art

Austria 2017


104’ · Colour


Elisabeth Wabitsch (Paula)
Anaelle Dézsy (Charlotte)
Alexandra Schmidt (Lilli)
Christopher Schärf (Florian Tangler)
Alexander Wychodil (Tim)


Written and Directed by
Monja Art
Caroline Bobek
Monja Art, Claudia Linzer
Sound Design
Bernd Dormayer, Michael Schreiber
Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson
Sound Mixing
Michael Plöderl
Production Design
Conrad Moritz Reinhardt
Christine Ludwig
Steffie Lamm
Martina Poel, Marion Rossmann
Iris Steiner, Caroline Bobek, Petra Ladinigg
Assistant Director
Esther Hassfurther
Production Management
Nina Lang
Ulrich Gehmacher

Produced by

Orbrock Filmproduktion GmbH

World Sales