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The Dinner

Cotty Chubb (Producer), Steve Coogan (Actor), Oren Moverman (Director, Screenwriter), Laura Linney (Actress), Richard Gere (Actor)
Moderation: Jenni Zylka

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Paul has no desire to go out to dinner with his brother Stan, a well-known politician, and his sister-in-law Barbara. But his wife Claire insists on him accompanying her. The couples meet at a hip restaurant but, in between each exquisite course, dark family secrets are brought out onto the table. The couples’ sons are responsible for a terrible crime – as yet undiscovered – and their parents must now decide how to deal with the situation. An argument soon ensues, since public disclosure would change the lives of each of them forever.
Oren Moverman puts moral conflict right at the heart of his thriller that sometimes has the intimate feel of a four-hander. The quarrel between the adults confronted with the fact that their children have committed a monstrous act is punctuated with flashbacks both to the crime and to the childhood of brothers Paul and Stan. The film reveals the power struggle between two couples as they shift alliances. Should they face up to their responsibility or deny it? How do you make the right decision and what price does the next generation have to pay for it?

Oren Moverman

USA 2016


120’ · Colour


Richard Gere (Stan Lohman)
Laura Linney (Claire Lohman)
Steve Coogan (Paul Lohman)
Rebecca Hall (Katelyn Lohman)
Chloë Sevigny (Barbara Lohman)


Written and Directed by
Oren Moverman
Bobby Bukowski
Alex Hall
Elijah Brueggemann
Sound Design
Jacob Ribicoff
Tony Volante
Production Design
Kelly McGehee
Catherine George
Luann Chaps
Assistant Director
Curtis Smith
Jodi Angstreich, Maribeth Fox, Laura Rosenthal
Production Manager
Jon Read
Julia Lebedev, Eddie Vaisman, Cotty Chubb, Lawrence Inglee
Executive Producers
Eva Maria Daniels, Angel Lopez, Olga Segura


Oren Moverman

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1969. A screenwriter (he wrote Married Life for Ira Sachs and I’m not There for Todd Haynes among others) and producer, he made his debut as a director with The Messenger in 2009, which screened in the Berlinale Competition and won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay and the Peace Film Award. This screenplay was also nominated for an Oscar®. As a co-writer, he was also involved in Udi Aloni’s film Junction 48, which won the Panorama Audience Award in 2016.


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Code Red

Sight Unseen Pictures



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