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Notre Héritage

Our Legacy

Unser Vermächtnis

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Lucas invites his girlfriend Anäis to visit him at home. His parents aren’t around. The garden is all theirs. They can make love there. A photograph hangs on the wall of a man with a tiger in his arms. “Is that your father?” asks Anäis. “Yes, that’s my father. He’s the chairman of a tiger protection group in Thailand.” The father is Pierre Woodman, the famous pornographic film director. Lucas enters into an imaginary dialogue with his father. He makes an attempt to understand his father and makes an attempt at love himself – always in view of his father, who practised it incessantly.Then Lucas confers Anäis with a knighthood and fiction soars above reality.
Between computer games and pornographic archive material, a fiction is spanned within the hypothesis. Enclosed by extremely precise framing in which the protagonists seek to orientate themselves and the footage shot by Pierre Woodman, which is freely available in the digital world, remains the question of love’s value and power.
The film was created in collaboration with Caroline Poggi.

France 2015, 24 min


Jonathan Vinel


Lucas Doméjean
Sarah-Megan Allouch

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