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Anthony Bregman (Producer), Sarah Gadon (Actress), James Schamus (Director, Writer, Producer), Logan Lerman (Actor), Jay Wadley (Composer)

Moderation: Andreas Struck

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America, 1951. The country’s mood is characterised by McCarthy era hysteria and young men are being drafted into military service in Korea. Marcus Metzner is particularly relieved to receive a place at college in Ohio since his enrolment at a university exempts him from the draft. It also means that he will be able to escape his authoritarian father, who runs a kosher butcher’s shop and is beset by paranoid fears. But college life is by no means easy. Competition, class differences, amorous adventures and Marcus’ refusal as an avowed atheist to at least attend the synagogue at this Christian college see him summoned before the dean time and again.
James Shamus is one of the USA’s most significant independent producers; his directorial debut is based on Philip Roth’s eponymous novel. As a producer he has often displayed a particular interest in portraying outsiders who attempt to oppose social norms. In Indignation, the conversations with the dean turn into verbal battles during which the young man confidently espouses his moral and political ideals. But can he also live by them?

USA 2015, 109 min


James Schamus


Logan Lerman
Sarah Gadon
Tracy Letts
Linda Edmond

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