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Aquí no ha pasado nada

Much Ado about Nothing

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Vicente loves life. He adores parties, girls and fast cars; he has also been known to steal fireworks when he feels like it. One Sunday night he is driving around the city with some other young guys with whom he has been partying but whom he barely knows when their car is rocked by a hefty collision. The next morning we learn that a man – a father of three – was run over by a car and nobody stopped to help him. Although Vicente was not behind the wheel at the time he is soon singled out as the guilty perpetrator. The father of the boy who was driving – a senator and industrialist – is a powerful figure in Chile who cannot allow his reputation to be tarnished. Vicente also comes from a well-to-do family - his father and uncle are both lawyers. Will they manage to avert a charge of manslaughter?
In his latest work, Alejandro Fernández Almendras (To Kill a Man) revisits an actual case which caused a stir in Chilean media at the time; his film explores the effect of corrupt power structures on civil rights and the legal system in Chile. Financed by a crowd-funding campaign, the film’s cast and crew also agreed to waive their fees in order realise this important piece of social criticism.

Chile / USA / France 2015, 95 min


Alejandro Fernández Almendras


Agustín Silva
Paulina García
Alejandro Goic
Luis Gnecco

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