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Perspektive Deutsches Kino


Like a Cast Shadow

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Sibylle Froebisch's life is actually all right. She went to university where she met the man who later became her husband, she founded a company with him and they had two sons. And yet – or perhaps therefore – something vague is bothering her. Not even on an Italian holiday with her family does she manage to find some peace and enjoy a lie-in. An ominous foreboding of something bad on the horizon has crept into her neatly ordered world.
In Italy Sibylle witnesses the suicide of a woman of her age. Afterwards, nothing is the same. Back in Munich, she futilely tries to suppress the incident and feels increasingly alienated from her family. More and more parallels emerge between the fate of the dead woman and Sibylle's own life. More and more, her world seems out of joint. When Sibylle finally appears to get to the bottom of the dead woman's secret, it is almost too late to stop the transformation she herself is undergoing.

Germany 2015, 87 min


Michael Krummenacher


Anne Ratte-Polle
Thomas Loibl
Dennis Kamitz
Levi Lang
Heiko Pinkowski
Elisabeth Rath
Thomas Fränzel
Franziska Rieck
Thomas Bestvater
Andreas Lust