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3 Histoires d'Indiens

3 Indian Tales

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Three stories spread across four seasons. Érik is a quirky but ingenious guy. His place is in utter chaos: full of bric-a-brac, old TV sets, antennae and electronic scrap. And, in between, his dogs are sniffing around. No matter what he constructs from all this stuff – it always works. Érik practically always has a camera in his hand with which he films himself, his family and the desolate place where they live. This because he’s working incessantly on his dream of setting up a small TV station which he hopes will bring his community together. Shayne is a loner, always roaming about listening to hauntingly beautiful music. He seems deep in thought and people around him barely take any notice of him. Alicia and her two girlfriends are more sociable. Together they read stories of crime and punishment; they also lovingly turn an abandoned little shack into a temple where they pay homage to a sacred female native spirit. This feature film adopts a meticulous, almost documentary approach in its portrayal of a new generation of native Americans living on the reservations. These young people are more active and less resigned than their parents.

Canada 2014, 70 min


Robert Morin


Érik Papatie
Shayne Brazeau
Shandy-Ève Grant
Alicia Papatie-Pien

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