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Freier Fall

Free Fall

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Marc is shaken to the core when he meets fellow police officer, Kay, on a training course and begins to develop feelings for him. When Kay asks to be transferred to Marc’s unit, the latter’s well-arranged life begins to sink into chaos. Torn between his love for his pregnant girlfriend Bettina and the rush of a completely new experience, his life spins increasingly out of control. He soon finds himself estranged more and more from his family, but running away with Kay is not an option. Then one day Kay disappears without warning and leaves no forwarding address. It dawns on Marc that his absence has ripped a gaping hole in his life. With his situation in free fall, Marc can no longer satisfy everyone's expectations - least of all his own.

Germany 2013, 100 min


Stephan Lacant


Hanno Koffler
Max Riemelt
Katharina Schüttler
Maren Kroymann