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Bittere Ernte

Angry Harvest

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Upper Silesia in 1943. Rosa, a Jewess, escapes from the freight train that was deporting her to a concentration camp. She finds refuge on a farm owned by Leon. Although the farmer nurses the distraught woman back to health, Rosa doesn’t know what to make of him. Leon may be an obliging man, but he is also a profiteer, whose prosperity is based on the suffering of others. “This intense, intimate piece of filmmaking is driven by the affecting performances of its two leading actors who succeed in portraying their internal dichotomy and physical battles in a serious, restrained manner, without exaggeration or over-acting.” (Hans Gerhold, Film-Dienst, 19.3.1985)

Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) 1984/85, 105 min


Agnieszka Holland


Armin Mueller-Stahl
Elisabeth Trissenaar
Wojciech Pszoniak