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A Pas de Loup

On The Sly

Auf leisen Pfoten

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This weekend, like every other, six-year-old Cathy is expected to accompany her parents to the countryside. The little girl is far from enthusiastic about the trip; in fact, she is convinced that her parents don’t even know she exists. This weekend would certainly have ended up being as deadly boring as all the others if it hadn’t been for the magic seeds she receives from a day labourer working on the farm.
At first, the weekend begins just like all the others. And it ends just like all the others, too. Except that, this time, the little girl is determined to stay in the country because she wants to see how the magic seeds grow and flourish. And so Cathy decides to simply ‘disappear’ – after all she’s invisible to her parents anyway. However, no sooner is she alone than she realises how worried her parents are and how desperate their search for her is. Terrified at the thought of the punishment that surely awaits her behaviour, she runs off deeper into the woods …

Belgium / France 2011, 77 min


Olivier Ringer


Wynona Ringer
Olivier Ringer
Macha Ringer

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